Originally published February 20, 2017 @ 1:27 am

Just some quick notes on setting up Oracle Sun T-series server ILOM and network aggregation with LACP. I don’t get to do this very often, so every time it’s a struggle to remember, with much googling required.

ILOM Network Configuration

show /SP/network
set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static
set /SP/network pendingipaddress=
set /SP/network pendingipgateway=
set /SP/network pendingipnetmask=
show /SP/network
set /SP/network commitpending=true
set /SP/network state=enabled
show /SP/network
set /SP hostname=host02b-ilo system_identifier="host02b-ilo" system_location="rack c12"
show /SP
start /SYS
start /SP/console

OS Network Information

dladm show-phys
dladm show-link
dladm show-aggr
ipadm show-if
ipadm show-addr
route -p show
Sample output
root@sunspot:~# dladm show-phys
LINK              MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
net3              Ethernet             unknown    0      unknown   igb3
net2              Ethernet             unknown    0      unknown   igb2
net4              Ethernet             up         10     full      usbecm2
net0              Ethernet             up         1000   full      igb0
net1              Ethernet             up         1000   full      igb1

root@sunspot:~# dladm show-link
LINK                CLASS     MTU    STATE    OVER
net3                phys      1500   unknown  --
net2                phys      1500   unknown  --
net4                phys      1500   up       --
net0                phys      9000   up       --
net1                phys      9000   up       --
aggr0               aggr      9000   up       net0 net1

root@sunspot:~# dladm show-aggr
aggr0             trunk L4       auto                 active       short

root@sunspot:~# ipadm show-if
lo0        loopback ok       yes    --
aggr0      ip       ok       yes    --
net4       ip       ok       yes    --
aggr1      ip       disabled no     --

root@sunspot:~# ipadm show-addr
ADDROBJ           TYPE     STATE        ADDR
lo0/v4            static   ok 
aggr0/v4          static   ok 
net4/v4           static   ok 
lo0/v6            static   ok           ::1/128
aggr1/v4          static   disabled

root@sunspot:~# route -p show
persistent: route add default -ifp aggr0 -static

Unconfigure NICs and Existing Aggregations

route -p delete default -ifp aggr0
ipadm delete-ip aggr0
dladm delete-aggr aggr0
ipadm delete-ip net0
ipadm delete-ip net1
ifconfig net0 unplumb
ifconfig net1 unplumb

Configure NICs and Aggregations

ifconfig net0 plumb mtu 9000 up
ifconfig net1 plumb mtu 9000 up
dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 net0
dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 net1
dladm create-aggr -L active -T short -l net0 -l net1 aggr0
ipadm create-ip aggr0
ipadm create-addr -T static -a 192.168.122/24 aggr0
route -p add default -ifp aggr0 -static

Don’t forget to update /etc/hosts after you’re done.