Originally published May 22, 2016 @ 11:08 pm

All of a sudden, when using the remote (either radio or IR), Kodi sound controls stop responding. The volume level does not change and the mute button doesn’t work. These are possible symptoms of an external network device (a phone or a tablet) usurping playback volume control via Web server connection.

The first step is to temporarily disable control via HTTP to disconnect the offending controller: go to Settings –> Web Server –> disable “Allow remote control via HTTP”. Now, start playback of any movie or TV show and hit the “Enter” key on your remote. Go to “audio” and make sure the “Enable passthrough” option is off.

After doing so your volume control should work normally. At this point you can re-enable HTTP control functionality. However, if the problem returns, you should consider upgrading your phone or tablet Kodi controller to something that works.