Originally published March 23, 2019 @ 1:22 am

According to media reports, since 2012, millions of Facebook and Instagram logins and plaintext passwords have been sitting on some internal Facebook system, accessible by  thousands of the company’s employees.

This wasn’t just discovered: many Facebook employees knew about this data for years and used it extensively. KrebsOnSecurity reports:

access logs showed some 2,000 engineers or developers made approximately nine million internal queries for data elements that contained plain text user passwords

There is a difference between a stupid mistake and a standard operating procedure. And this is not a case of one bad apple either: thousands of individuals had knowledge of this massive security hole and not only kept quiet about it, but in many cases, used it.

A good number of Facebook’s staff yesterday were teenagers. Their big cheese ain’t that old either. There seems to be an overall lack of personal responsibility that comes with life experience.

In short: Facebook desperately needs adult supervision. This Lord of the Flies shit needs to stop. If they choose to behave like children, then they should be treated like children. Maybe a good spanking is in order.